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17 years old

Free to be who I am

Hi! My name is Clara and I am 19 years old.

The experience I had with Paola was truly extraordinary.

I met her when I was 17 after surgery on the Left Cruciate Ligament when I could neither stretch nor bend my knee.

In addition to helping me to rehabilitate my knee perfectly in a short time (which the physiotherapist was amazed at since it was thought the operation would not allow me to flex and relax completely and exactly as it was before) Paola taught me many things:

I learned to actively feel my body, to have sincerity with the real emotions that we sometimes hide from ourselves, to feel free to be what I am and so to feel good and amaze myself every time to find that wonderful magic that flows inside us all, the life.

We are all different and we have one or more uniqueness that distinguish us, I highly recommend a journey with Paola as it is an absolutely personal experience that can combine the scientific-rational and the sensational-human and any other wonderful world that you feel most yours.

with deep gratitude,

[I always thought I was lucky to be able to accompany people out of their tunnels, because I share their fears, difficulties, joy.
For me it is as beautiful to be present in fear as in realization because it is a great privilege to share moments of vulnerability, in which we decide to open our hearts despite fears, the past, our conclusions.
And it's exciting to work with young people, teenagers, kids because a chance is created BEFORE the story becomes chronic and repeated.

To Clara, happy surfing in your many worlds]

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