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For you, four different online trainings a week

A precious moment

Quarantine time from Covid-19,

I hope you and the ones you love are fine.

This period has been defined as a "suspended time", but the stand-by key in life does not exist, time continues to proceed as always, nature continues to follow its rhythms and so does our body and our essence.
We can see it from the need we all have to go to the hairdresser / barber!

Have you noticed the photo I chose for this article?

It is a different time, of course, where we are bound to limit our movements, where our routines have changed, where nothing seems to be the same.
But nothing is ever like before, everything flows continuously, only today we cannot fail to notice it and this shifts the balance into our reference points.

And these are precious moments

to gain clarity in our lives
to move, relax, breathe
to shake off your bad mood
to maintain a high level of energy and manage the sense of vertigo
with the intensity of a crisis we can access unimaginable resources

I can teach you and here you can online appointments to participate, with a "up to you" formula

every Tuesday 8:15 - 9 am (CET) Training to start the day with energy, strength, silence - in Italian
every Thursday 6:30 - 7:15 pm (CET) Training to end the day, relax tensions, prepare for a night of rest - in Italian
every Saturday 4:00 - 5:15 pm (CET) Training with Stopping movement every week on a different subject - in Italian
every Sunday 4:00 - 5:15 pm (CET) Training with Stopping movement every week on a different subject - in English

We will connect via Zoom, an easy and light app to use, you can start downloading it on your device: computer, tablet, smartphone.

If you would like to make a free donation you can use Satispay / Paypal / bank transfer.

Anyone can participate, forward this email to whomever you want.

Contact me to receive the Zoom link and save the dates!

Stay home, stay healthy

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