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1 lesson - 60 minutes: 13 euros
One month / 4 lessons of 60 minutes: 45 euros

Every Tuesday 6,30pm starting from September 29.

The lesson is held in Italian.

If you did not practise with me yet, the first lesson is free, write me.

Exercises of attention to the body, breathing, movement, silence, stopping movement to gather our energy after the efforts made during an entire day.

We will connect via Zoom, you can start downloading the app on your device.

Everyone can participate, the only requirement is curiosity!

When you will book your lesson, you will receive the confirmation email and the email with the link to Zoom.

Save this appointment on your agenda!

You can book your lesson up to 10 minutes before the session starts.

A practice
to gain clarity in our lives
to move, relax, breathe
to shake off your bad mood
to maintain a high level of energy and manage the sense of vertigo
with the intensity of a crisis we can access unimaginable resources.

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