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Move your body, move your life

If you did not practise with me yet, the first lesson is free, write me.

Particular times require particular precautions: in a historical moment in which it is not possible to meet in a group to protect our health and that of others, we find a way to continue practicing online, creating strong connections in a different way.

Stopping movement® is a holistic workout that involves mind and body.

Look at this video click here, you can practise with me.

In this lesson there will be exercises about breathing, movement, attention to the body and silence.
An hour meeting designed to get your energy back, to get back to moving: through a unique procedure, the stopping, your body learns to release tension, to move differently and to recover flexibility and energy. It stimulates qualities such as balance-lightness, strength-determination and awareness of movement and breathing.  It’s a real reset for both body and mind!

We connect via Zoom, an easy-to-use app, you can start downloading it on your device, computer, tablet, smartphone.

The only requirement is curiosity!

Book your lesson, you will receive the confirmation and the email with the link to Zoom.
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Who are you, how do you move? In this course you will learn to recognize and use your potential, train the whole body including areas such as face, head and feet, use movement and breath in a conscious way to get out of the moods that you throw down.

Strength or effort? I teach you to train not to burn energy but to recover energy! You learn to release the extra effort that keep the body rigid even in movement. We use different beats combined with different movements and body parts to have fun, sweat and access deep relaxation.

Imitation? No, Inspiration! You learn to explore your movements. You move on your own and with others in a new way, without reproducing fixed sequences. I guide you to increase your unique and personal freedom of movement.

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