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Back pain? Time to say goodbye

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Do you suffer from chronic or acute back pain?

Sedentary life, poor posture, forgetting to breathe fully, being forced for hours on the computer or in the car, holding back tension, effort and emotions ... all this in a personal combination for each person, can lead to pain in the back area.

In the next two weeks you will be able to receive an hour of session with a short foot analysis, a touch treatment, exercises that you can do independently at a friendly price :-)

Without realizing it, we can maintain tensions and stiffness due to our lifestyle, which lead to pain: I am talking about positions, muscle groups that become painful and also the reaction to the fear of having pain again, getting stuck, not being able to tie your shoes or move without fear of the pain.
With a bodywork session and awareness work you can find the freedom to move, learn how to melt and release the fear related to pain.

Are you curious to try? Do you need to get better?
Contact me and we will dedicate an entire session to your back.

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