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Body work sessions

Our health and well-being have consequences on personal and work relationships. If we learn to be well, life will improve, not only for us but also for those around us.

Learning to be well can relate to every aspect or subject of your life: the reasons for starting a holistic and individual learning journey are different and can include chronic pain, emotional suffering and loss; the need to cope with anxiety, recovering from illnesses or accidents, the desire to improve one's concentration and the ability to focus attention, or simply learn how to better manage relationships.

This healing journey consists of a series of individual meetings between you and me. These sessions last one hour and are usually weekly. The sessions involve a combination of touch, movement, breathing techniques, and talking to bring clarity to what you feel limited to.

You are an active part in the process, learning how to put into practice in your daily life what you have experienced in our individual meetings. You will have your well-being back in your hands. You may often find that change in one part of your life spills over, and and soon can apply it in all areas of your existence.

How many sessions are needed? It depends on why you turn to me, what you want to recover, what wound you want to close, what roads you want to open in your life. What I know for sure is that I love being effective. Following my ethics, in every session you recover and obtain as much as possible at that time. Between sessions, if you wish, I can give you a specific and personal training, so that the effectiveness of the work together is increased.
I have learned, through more than twenty years of experience, that the body can be magically fast to heal itself.

How much does a session cost? Each session costs €85.00 and lasts 60 minutes. You will receive a receipt that is acceptable as a tax deduction even without a specific medical prescription.

sessione per un trauma fisico

session for physical trauma

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For muscular tension or rigidity, tendinitis, the result of an accident, a rigidity, scarring both from surgery and/or from trauma, difficulty in breathing, for all the signals that the body sends.
Contact me as soon as possible, the body reacts faster and heals faster the quicker I can intervene in a timely manner.

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sessione per un trauma emotivo

session for emotional trauma

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If you have an emotion that comes back to you and you don't know how to manage it, like anger, insecurity, fear of abandonment, intense fear, shyness, shame, or if you’ve had a loss.

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Footwork is an original technique that derives from holistic Reflexology and is based on the conceptual structure of the Grinberg Method.
With this approach I act through the feet to influence the whole person, since it is a holistic approach that unifies body and mind.

You learn to let go of your effort, free your mind from continuous and repetitive thoughts, work on the physical and emotional pain you have, expand your breathing and improve your posture, acquiring awareness of your body.
This technique is for you if you love being touched on the feet or if you don't like to get a touch directly on the body.

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