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Learn to be Well

Chronic pain -- headaches, backaches, menstrual pain -- or those sensations of discomfort or wrongness that do not ever leave you -- hinder your body from being well and feeling strong and alive. I recommend, through focused attention on your body, to learn both how we create and how we stop these chronic symptoms and repetitive states of unwellness.
Disturbi per cui è efficace questo approccio

Problems for which this approach has been effective:

Upset Stomach
Nervous tension
Anxiety and Fear
Chronic Discomfort
Weak Muscular Tone
Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances
Breathing problems and asthma
Symptoms that occur after surgery
I teach you to use your strength and ability to reach your personal goals, healing your health and spirit at the same time. One learns to put aside painful ways of living, earning freedom and the ability to choose. We can work together either individually or in group activities.

Working with me, you can:

Separate and release different areas of tension and pain
Influence the intensity and frequency of pain
Increase your breathing capacity
Augment your vitality
Think and concentrate more clearly
Learn to relax
Learn to focus more, both in our work together, and in life
Aquire better control over your muscles and movements
Obtain profound relaxation
Expand your perceptions
Close and nail shut your past
Lavorando con me potrai

Let’s work together...

Bodywork sessions Courses and workshops
What I do is not a replacement for proper medical treatment, but intended to support it. If you have any life-threatening or condition that requires therapeutic treatment, please seek it from a licensed care practitioner. I am a teacher, not performing alternative medicine. I work on educating the bodies of my clients. This methodology is not based on ideological or religious grounds and does not require any particular lifestyle.

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