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Courses and Workshops

These are the group workshops that I provide. They vary in course format, meeting schedule, and duration. Each activity is built to get you into an experience where you can let go of the limit you feel close to, to regain your freedom, let go of pain or emotion that has become your (too) faithful companion, to rediscover deep well-being and greater health.

The group helps us create a collective energy and to increase the attention on the daily relationship dynamics, always in a protected environment where I guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of each participant. You can experience, in a safe place, what you usually do not allow yourself when you are with other people, such as being happy, having direct and respectful communication, moving around feeling at ease in your body, and not finding yourself under the influence of the bad moods of others.

You learn through awareness exercises, conversations, training of movement, breathing, guided confrontation with yourself and with others, and training in obtaining silence.

If you have any questions, you can write to me at I will be happy to help you choose the path best suited to you and what you want to achieve.

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Strength, Recharge and Confidence. More than a Course, an Experience

Over lunch, try a different experience: recharge

Yourself, as today we think more about how much battery is left in our cell phone, than in recharging...

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Move your body, move your life

Stopping movement is a holistic workout that involves mind and body. Through a unique procedure, the...

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