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Back to your roots

In six 1:1 sessions find again your basis

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In six individual sessions you find your stability again.

With face-to-face or online meetings, we work so that  you increase your confidence in relationships, in the management of time, money, your health, the ability to rest, anxiety: all the most popular subjects with whom we can on the contrary become uncertain and scared.

They are often taboo themes, which put us in crisis because they are linked to the most basic aspect of our life, connected to our survival.

Time marks our rhythms, if unable to manage it, we find ourselves running after the clock, having the feeling of never having enough. How many times have we thought we would like 36-hour days!

The relationship we have with money is something truly ancestral: our survival is no longer linked to knowing how to hunt or cultivate what we will eat, but in the same way we need money to survive.
A relationship that becomes complicated, that creates anxiety regardless of our bank account, money is seen as something dirty, not to be managed or on the contrary we can be too busy with it. The result, however, is an anxiety that ruins the value of money, which is to allow us to live well, being able to afford daily serenity or quality care if we needed it.

Relationships require a lot of energy, but we are social beings and to live with serenity we must be able to establish relationships that give us satisfaction and are nourishment for us, rather than a source of frustration, anger, humiliation. How different would your life be if you could let go of the loose ends with people that you carry from the past? What if you were able to create relationships in a new simpler way, more respectful of your needs and those of others?

With these meetings
- you learn to use your attention so as not to be frightened and stopped by fears
- you strengthen yourself in the body, you begin to trust your body and instinct
- you get rid of the accumulated stress
- you learn to relax in strong emotions

We work together to unhinge beliefs that limit you in life and in the body: I ​​guide you to discover how these beliefs create symptoms and malaise and you learn how to recover health and stop chronic pain.

Each session lasts 60 minutes and the frequency of our meetings will be weekly. They are bodywork sessions that involve the body, mind, spirit and also allow you to concretely get rid of symptoms related to anxiety.

At the end of each meeting you will have time to rest and settle the work done together, to let it settle in the body.

Are you ready for a series of meetings that will give you strong roots?

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