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Saturday 13/11/2021 h. 10am - 2,30pm

There are several important things in life, including learning to say no.

Say no when we want to refuse something, when we don't want to do something, when we don't agree. These situations happen many times within our day, but how many times can you say no, without feeling guilty?

We can't, we don't dare, we can't decline and we get stuck saying yes so as not to disappoint the expectations of others.
Or the expectations we have about ourselves.
Or we no longer even know what blocks us from saying no, we are in a whirlwind of yes.

We are amazed at how easy it is for children to refuse, very often we interpret their no as a whim: this child does not want to eat vegetables, this child does not want to go to bed, etc.

Just as children we were reminded not to say no, a thousand times our will was diverted, bent, and we ended up doing something we didn't want. We have learned to behave, but we have lost the possibility of saying no.

There are also those who, out of rebellion, started and continued to often say no, but this is not freedom, in both cases - always saying yes or always saying no - you don't express your will, you are not free to choose, sometimes you don't even recognize what you really want anymore.

All this manifests itself in the body with that tension that never goes away, that pain that is always with you, the tiredness that never goes away, the stomach that sends you unequivocal signals, your nervous system weakens.

The subject here is not how children should be educated, but how now you, an adult, have the possibility of rediscovering your freedom, your dimension, the possibility of feeling your will and being able to express it.
This is a natural ability for you, for your essence, it is in you, in your body, and right from your body, you can find it again, with a bodywork in which you stop repeating what you have learned to block and manage the symptom who says you can't continue like this.

This I propose to you and we can do together in a workshop, where you will learn to disassemble this mechanism and find clarity, determination and softness with different types of exercises, to be able to say NO with confidence.

In this workshop there will be breathing exercises, movement, attention to the body, Stopping movement®, exercises to have silence and exercises in which you learn to stop what you do automatically, a holistic training that involves mind and body.

Anyone can participate, no previous training is required.

The number of participants is limited, to comply with the regulations on the distance between people and so that they can follow you carefully even if in a group.

Are you ready to regain your freedom?

I'm waiting for you, Paola

Saturday 13th November
Via Valprato 68, Docks Dora - Turin, at Arca Studios
From 10 to 14.30
Contribution 60 euros
The workshop will be held in Italian

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