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Move your body, move your life

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I took this picture in Fårö, Swedish territory, Ingmar Bergman's favorite island that he loved for many things and for its incredible light. I was walking on the beach, two novice surfers, afraid, hesitant, excited, at times brave.

That's right, c'est la vie, it's up to us if we want to try new things, if we want to go further. Often what allowed me to go further was the music, it manages to raise what would make me crawl, enlarges my heart, gives me a sense of space and possibilities, it is a passion absorbed from afar, which comes from my childhood with a training in classical music.

More than twenty years ago, being lucky I developed a great passion, creating a profession that in Italy at the time did not exist yet, to teach people the value and importance of attention. the Grinberg Method, the 5Rhythms, my studies on movement with martial arts and afro dance have led me to teach and explore many possibilities in which I help every surfer in life to catch the wave, to try again, not to judge if he/she does not make it on the first attempt, to rejoice because he/she is alive.

In 2005 I obtained the license to teach the Stopping movement® course and since then I have never stopped: if you want to catch the wave, if you want to bite life, if you want to be 'in the zone', if you are afraid but looking for a way, I wait for you.

Stopping movement® - the way you move represents who you are: these meetings are designed to regain your physical shape also using the support of music, to return to move, breathe, be active and relax, leave pain and fears that remain glued to us, expand your perceptions, give space to your desires.

PS: I also learned that Bergman in Swedish is pronounced "Beriman".

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