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Making our words follow the facts, walk your talk, an expression that I love, gives me the sense of walking behind a thread that I traced with the words I said.

It can be thought of with respect to keeping our word to others, but today I want to talk about making the facts follow what we have promised ourselves.

Not easy! Because there is always a good excuse for not taking care of us, for not respecting our deep needs and also our desires. And instead, following the thread we want in our life is the nourishment we need in order to feel good.

At the beginning of 2021 I decided that this year I would not work on any of the holidays on the calendar, which is new for me: I love my profession so much that it was never a problem to have a flexible agenda, but for these 365 days I had need for a change.

And so on June 24, San Giovanni, patron saint of Turin and therefore holiday! I went to see an exhibition at the GAM and then I took a walk in the mountains, in nature.
And it was nice, enriching, great satisfaction to keep my word.

What's it like for you to keep what you promised?
You can focus on this, starting with small things, no less important than the big ones! This allows us to increase our self-confidence and our self-esteem.

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