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My lovely neighbor gave me for last Christmas a set of spoons engraved with important words. Every now and then I enjoy taking a random spoon and reading the word I have chosen.
This morning at breakfast I had WISDOM which can be a little scary. So many times I have been told how wise I was and I thought that but .. Really .. In what sense? but this morning it resonated in me a lot: I woke up at 5.30 without alarm, full of the hours of sleep I had slept and after a few days of doubt and sadness, I had made a decision that had freed me and gave me a lot of energy. I had seen the sunrise, made my practice, wet the thirsty plants from the sun of the day before, prepared breakfast .. In short, at 8 I had already lived fully. And when I caught the word, I thought that this is a form of wisdom: to have energy, to go through our knotted bellies, not to lose hope, to be guided by our instincts, by our nature, to allow ourselves to be human, which includes falling. several times. But it doesn't matter, you get up.
I like wisdom.

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