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How do you feel?

Swimming in a blue sea, walking barefoot on the grass, smelling the scent of the rain -- you’ve already felt special sensations -- able to feel this again? I bet yes. But the real question is: How are you able to find your healthiest self?

Each of us are able to be truly well -- it’s an instinctive and natural part of us that allows us to be both unpredictable and confident creatures. Often, without realizing it, we suffocate that vitality, without realizing it, and we became sad, tense, confused, and unmotivated.

My mission is to teach you that you can be energetic and live well -- the same lively adult that you were as a child -- and that you can let go of the past and not relive it in the present.

I achieve it with the physiotherapy and the Grinberg method® ,which teaches you to use your strength and your abilities to better your health and well-being.

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What clients say about me

Luca Novo

"Paola helps me know my body better and has helped me control it during various moments in everyday life. It’s helped me in so many ways. Thanks!"

Gloria Pasetto

"Paola’s young but has so much professional experience. She’s helped me to come into contact with profound parts of myself, and has contributed concretely to my healing. Much gratitude."

Elena Cesetti

"I’ve suffered from spinal pain for 15 long years. I’ve suffered headaches almost every day. I started treatment with Paola in July 2017 until November 22nd. I’ve not had a single headache for the past month and a half! Thanks to Paola!"

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