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This is a space for reflection that I share with you, reflections that lead me to have ideas about courses and workshops I teach, themes that I want to touch with my profession. From what I observe, from the needs I see in the people around me, in the individual sessions, from the internal struggles that unite us, I create my research and from there new courses. If you have questions, you can write to me at


Strong in our immune system

I hope you are well and relaxed, the best condition for our immune system to defend itself, in addition...

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A happy collaboration

Thanks to Gian Luca Sciacca for inviting me to be part of this interesting and effective project to better...

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About your heart

Where do we live? Where does our essence live? Yes, it lives in our heart, too. We have the task of keeping...

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Move your body, move your life

Look at this videos CLICK HERE and HERE. I took this picture in Fårö, Swedish territory,...

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Strength, Recharge and Confidence.

More than a Course, an Experience

Yourself, as today we think more about how much battery is left in our cell phone, than in recharging...

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